Addressing some common complaints about Asylum of the Daleks

Here be spoilers…

"There are too many plot holes!"

Umm… we JUST watched the series 7 premiere. Give it time.

"But Rory and Amy HAVE a child!"

Oh, are you referring to the child they didn’t get to raise? The one who was kidnapped as an infant? The one who was brought up and designed to kill their best friend? The one who is currently in prison thousands of years in the future?

"How the Hell is the Doctor going to meet Oswin/Clara now that she’s dead!?"

Actually, my reply is more for the outlandish, albeit very creative, theories on how that’ll play out. Mine’s much simpler: he’s a Time Lord; couldn’t he MEET her at an earlier point in her timeline? Sadly, that means we know how her story will end… but hey, first time we meet River Song she dies and is downloaded into a library and he ends up marrying her! Ahh, time travel stories - the shit you get away with :)

"The Doctor just seemed so out of character panicking and crying for help. WTH?!"

Two things. Thing 1: The Doctor cried happy tears for the first time at Christmas. How very humany-wumany of him. My point is panicking in the face of death is very human. Thing 2: If the Doctor has been clear of anything it’s that he doesn’t want to die; even if he can cheat death, this man will run away if it means he gets to live another day.

If Oswin is a Dalek, why didn’t she forget the Doctor when she erased him from the databank?

No sarcastic reply for that one. I think since she was trying set herself a part from them (convince herself she’s still human), she’d likely be able to separate herself from the psychic path. Also, when he introduced himself as the Doctor, it didn’t trigger anything in her. Maybe “the predator” info was already missing from her databank (she was in an asylum after all).


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